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Things To Do In Turkey For An Unforgettable Holiday

things to do in turkey

Things to Do in Turkey for a Holiday: An Unforgettable Adventure Awaits

There are many things to do in Turkey. Turkey is a captivating destination that seamlessly blends ancient history, stunning landscapes, and vibrant culture. From exploring historical sites to indulging in delicious cuisine, there are countless things to do in Turkey for a holiday. This guide will take you through the top activities and attractions to ensure you make the most of your visit.

1. Discover Istanbul’s Historic Sites

Istanbul, straddling Europe and Asia, is a city rich in history and culture. One of the top things to do in Turkey is exploring Istanbul’s iconic landmarks. Visit the Hagia Sophia, a magnificent structure that has served as a church, mosque, and now a museum. The Blue Mosque, with its stunning architecture and intricate tiles, is another must-see. Don’t miss the Topkapi Palace, which offers a glimpse into the opulent lifestyle of Ottoman sultans.

2. Wander Through the Grand Bazaar

For a true taste of Turkish culture, head to the Grand Bazaar in Istanbul. This bustling market is one of the largest and oldest covered markets in the world. Shopping at the Grand Bazaar is one of the quintessential things to do in Turkey. Here, you can find everything from handmade carpets and ceramics to spices and jewelry. Remember to haggle for the best prices!

3. Explore the Ancient City of Ephesus

Visiting the ancient city of Ephesus is one of the most fascinating things to do in Turkey. This well-preserved archaeological site offers a glimpse into the grandeur of Roman architecture. Walk along the marble streets, visit the magnificent Library of Celsus, and see the Great Theatre, which once held 25,000 spectators.

4. Relax on the Turquoise Coast

The Turquoise Coast, also known as the Turkish Riviera, is famous for its stunning beaches and crystal-clear waters. One of the top things to do in Turkey is relaxing on these beautiful beaches. Popular destinations include Antalya, Bodrum, and Fethiye. Whether you’re into sunbathing, swimming, or water sports, the Turquoise Coast has something for everyone.

5. Experience the Magic of Cappadocia

Cappadocia’s unique landscape, characterized by its fairy chimneys and cave dwellings, is a must-visit. One of the most unforgettable things to do in Turkey is taking a hot air balloon ride over Cappadocia at sunrise. The breathtaking views of the surreal landscape below are truly magical. You can also explore the region’s ancient cave churches and underground cities.

6. Soak in Pamukkale’s Thermal Pools

Pamukkale, known as the “Cotton Castle,” features terraces of white mineral-rich thermal waters. Soaking in these natural thermal pools is one of the most relaxing things to do in Turkey. The nearby ancient city of Hierapolis is also worth exploring, with its well-preserved ruins and historical significance.

7. Cruise the Bosphorus Strait

A Bosphorus cruise is one of the best ways to see Istanbul’s skyline and historic waterfront. Sailing between Europe and Asia, you’ll pass by magnificent palaces, ancient fortresses, and charming waterfront villages. This scenic boat ride is one of the top things to do in Turkey for both tourists and locals.

8. Indulge in Turkish Cuisine

Experiencing Turkish cuisine is one of the most delicious things to do in Turkey. From street food to fine dining, Turkey offers a culinary adventure like no other. Don’t miss trying traditional dishes such as kebabs, mezes, and baklava. Istanbul, in particular, is a food lover’s paradise with its diverse and vibrant food scene.

9. Visit the Fairy Chimneys of Göreme

Göreme National Park in Cappadocia is famous for its unique rock formations known as fairy chimneys. Exploring these geological wonders is one of the top things to do in Turkey. The park is also home to ancient cave churches adorned with beautiful frescoes, offering a fascinating glimpse into early Christian history.

10. Take a Scenic Train Journey

One of the most scenic things to do in Turkey is taking a train journey on the Eastern Express. This route runs from Ankara to Kars, passing through picturesque landscapes including mountains, valleys, and rivers. It’s a unique and leisurely way to see the country’s diverse scenery.

11. Visit the Archaeological Site of Troy

The ancient city of Troy, immortalized by Homer in the Iliad, is a UNESCO World Heritage Site. Visiting Troy and exploring its ruins is one of the most historic things to do in Turkey. See the reconstructed wooden horse and learn about the legendary Trojan War.

12. Enjoy Turkish Baths and Spas

Experiencing a traditional Turkish bath, or hamam, is one of the most relaxing things to do in Turkey. These baths offer a unique way to unwind with steam, massages, and exfoliation treatments. Historic hamams in Istanbul, such as the Çemberlitaş Hamamı, provide an authentic and luxurious experience.

13. Explore the Ruins of Pergamon

Pergamon, an ancient Greek city, is another archaeological gem. Visiting the ruins of Pergamon is one of the educational things to do in Turkey. The site includes a spectacular amphitheater, the Temple of Trajan, and the remains of the Library of Pergamon.

14. Go Hiking in the Kaçkar Mountains

For nature enthusiasts, hiking in the Kaçkar Mountains is one of the best things to do in Turkey. These mountains in northeastern Turkey offer stunning scenery, diverse flora and fauna, and challenging trails for trekkers. The region is also home to traditional highland villages.

15. Discover the Hidden Beaches of Patara

Patara Beach, located near the ancient Lycian city of Patara, is one of Turkey’s longest and most beautiful beaches. Relaxing on this pristine beach is one of the top things to do in Turkey. The nearby ruins of Patara add a historical dimension to your beach day.

16. Visit the Sumela Monastery

The Sumela Monastery, perched on a cliff in the Pontic Mountains, is a sight to behold. Visiting this stunning monastery is one of the spiritual things to do in Turkey. The journey to the monastery through lush forests and mountain scenery is equally enchanting.

17. Explore the Lycian Way

The Lycian Way is a long-distance hiking trail along Turkey’s southwestern coast. Hiking this trail is one of the adventurous things to do in Turkey. It passes through ancient ruins, picturesque villages, and breathtaking coastal scenery, offering a unique way to experience the country’s natural beauty.

18. Experience the Whirling Dervishes

Attending a Whirling Dervishes ceremony is one of the most spiritual things to do in Turkey. These ceremonies, rooted in Sufi tradition, feature a mesmerizing dance that symbolizes the spiritual journey of seeking divine love. The city of Konya is known for its authentic Whirling Dervishes performances.

19. Visit the Gallipoli Battlefields

The Gallipoli Peninsula is a significant site for both Turkish and international history. Visiting the Gallipoli battlefields and memorials is one of the most poignant things to do in Turkey. The area commemorates the soldiers who fought and died during the Gallipoli Campaign of World War I.

20. Marvel at the Blue Lagoon in Ölüdeniz

The Blue Lagoon in Ölüdeniz is one of Turkey’s most photographed and visited natural attractions. Swimming in the turquoise waters of the Blue Lagoon is one of the top things to do in Turkey. The area also offers paragliding opportunities, providing stunning aerial views of the lagoon and surrounding mountains.


From historic landmarks and ancient ruins to stunning beaches and vibrant cities, there are countless things to do in Turkey for a holiday. Whether you’re an adventurer, history buff, or foodie, Turkey offers a diverse array of experiences that will make your trip unforgettable. Plan your itinerary around these must-see attractions and activities to make the most of your visit to Turkey.

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